How to Plan a Pajama Party

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra pillows and blankets

  • Food

  • Invitations (paper or online)

  • Games

How to Plan a Pajama Party. A pajama party is a great way for kids to get together and have a good time. You can stay up late, watch movies, play board and video games and just talk. Pajama parties are also one of the safer ways to have a party since you don't need to drive around town, and you can keep your children supervised throughout the evening. Whether the pajama party is for boys or for girls, there are things you can plan to make it memorable for all.


Plan a Pajama Party

Step 1

Choose the guest list before you plan your pajama party. You'll need to take into consideration the number of guests you can comfortably accommodate or afford. Seven or eight is usually the highest many hosts invite.

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Step 2

Come up with a menu for the evening. Snacks and fun foods are great, but it might also be nice to have a dinner planned before the sun goes down. For younger kids at a pajama party, consider ordering pizza or another deliverable meal.

Step 3

Get some board games. One of the best ways to enjoy a pajama party is to play board games, card games and any other games that a big group can enjoy. Team games like Pictionary or Cranium are great, as are card games like Uno. For games meant for fewer players, you could have tournaments and prizes for the winners.


Step 4

Rent a lot of movies. It's always fun to watch a movie with friends late at night, especially scary ones. Get a few choices and have your guests vote on the evening's movie, or theme your party around a particular film and make it the climax of the night.

Step 5

Have extra pillows and blankets on hand just in case someone forgets to bring their own. Extra pillows and blankets are also important when you don't have enough beds of sofas for people to sleep on, because a little more cushioning is always preferable to the carpet.


Hire someone to come and help host your pajama party. There are actually several companies that help you plan and host the party, hiring entertainment, providing food and helping to supervise.


Don't allow alcohol at the party under any circumstances when hosting a teen pajama party. Even though the guests will be indoors and not out driving, allowing minors to drink alcohol is against the law, and you are ultimately responsible for them should anything happen.


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