How to Make a Flower Arrangement

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How to Make a Flower Arrangement. Flower arrangements can be in any design from simple to ornate and made from almost any flower. Some flowers are more suited to cutting for floral arrangements than others and roses are one of the most beautiful and versatile flowers to use in a bouquet. A Victorian nosegay arrangement made of roses, hydrangeas and violets is a very ornate and eye-catching centerpiece. Here's how to make a traditional, formal nosegay arrangement.


Make a Flower Arrangement

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At the bottom of the nosegay arrangement, angle the stems downward to form a rounded appearance.

Things You'll Need

  • One Large Specimen Rose In Medium Or Light Pink

  • Several Small Clusters Or Single Small Roses And Buds Of The Same Color Pink

  • Small And Large Pink Carnations

  • Deep Purple Violets

  • Round, Gold Or Silver Metal Bowl, 3 Or 4 Inches Wider Than Foam Ball

  • Green Florist'S Foam Ball

  • Pink, Lavender Or Light Blue Hydrangeas

  • Floral Preservative

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