On What Wrist Do You Wear a Corsage?

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Traditionally the corsage is worn on the left side.
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Whether you are getting ready for prom or a big event like your wedding, a wrist corsage is not only a tradition but also an opportunity to wear beautiful and meaningful flowers. Women may wear a corsage with two or more flowers on their wrist or pinned to their dress. Men typically wear a boutonniere on their jacket.


Traditionally, the corsage is worn on the left side, but this isn't an unbreakable rule. You can also take into account which hand is your dominant hand as well as the style of dress you are wearing.

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Design and select a flower corsage

Working with floral designers ensures you get the prom corsage or wedding flower you always dreamed of. If you are getting ready for prom, consider the color and style of your dress and choose prom flowers that will complement it. For example, if you decide on a rose corsage, you can use white, yellow, pink or red roses.

Discuss what fresh flowers are available for your prom wrist corsage with your florist. Consider options like orchids, carnations, calla lilies or alstroemeria. If fresh flowers aren't important, consider buying or making a DIY silk corsage. One benefit is that the silk flowers won't wilt, and you can have it as a keepsake for years to come.


Corsages are also popular at weddings for the bride, the mother of the bride or the wedding bridesmaid. Make sure the wedding corsage you select matches your wedding bouquet and works with the bridesmaids' dresses.

How to wear a corsage

A corsage that is attached to a wristband or wristlet is traditionally worn on the left wrist. However, some left-handed people prefer to wear it on their right wrist. This is perfectly acceptable.


You may also get a pin-on corsage that attaches to your dress or top. These are also traditionally worn on the left side and pinned to the shoulder strap. However, you can adjust the location if your dress is strapless or has spaghetti straps that won't support the corsage.

Designing a boutonniere

Typically, the boutonniere is designed with the same flowers as the corsage. So, if the man's date has a white rose corsage, the man will also have a white boutonniere. You may be able to get both the corsage and boutonniere with flower delivery from your florist.


In some cases, the wedding or prom boutonniere may be a small arrangement of more than one flower, but men may also wear a single flower.

How to wear a boutonniere

Many men's jackets, especially formal jackets, will have a buttonhole for the boutonniere. As with a corsage, you wear the boutonniere on the left side, and the buttonhole is usually found on the lapel just below the collar. When you slide the stem through the buttonhole, there should be a thread on the underside of the lapel to secure the stem. This keeps the boutonniere in place.


You can also pin on the boutonniere if the jacket doesn't have a buttonhole. A good tailor can also alter the jacket to add a buttonhole.



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