How to Make a Special Grilled Cheese

Things You'll Need

  • Sourdough bread

  • Vegetarian Bacon Bits

  • Low-fat American cheese

Few things taste as good as a grilled cheese, especially if your kids are hungry and you are short on time and food.

According to The Daily Plate on, the average homemade grilled cheese averages around 205 calories, while ordering a grilled cheese in a restaurant can run you up to 440 calories, for example, at Sonic.

This recipe is easy, quick, and it's even healthy. Make one for your kids today.

For a fuller meal you can add cut up apple slices. And don't forget - kids love to have their sandwiches cut into little pieces. Easier for small fingers to pick up.

Step 1

Take one or two pieces of sliced sourdough bread and lightly toast them in a standard toaster oven.

Step 2

Put one slice of low-fat American cheese on each piece of bread.

Step 3

Add vegetarian bacon bits on top.

Step 4

Put back in toaster and broil until the cheese is bubbling and slightly brown.

Step 5



Use real bacon bits if you want to indulge. Use half a slice of cheese on each piece of bread if you want to reduce calories.


The cheese is hot when it comes out of the toaster so be careful.