How to Sharpen a Pruning Saw

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Things You'll Need

  • Lubricating Oils

  • Metal Files

  • Vises

Sharpen a Pruning Saw

How to Sharpen a Pruning Saw. Use pruning saws for removing larger limbs and branches. While there are several types of pruning saws, all have a toothed, saw blade. Keeping the toothed blade sharp is tedious, but it's easy - and very important. Here's what to do.


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Step 1

Open the saw if it is a folding variety.

Step 2

Place the pruning saw in a vice, blade facing up. Clamp tightly in place so the blade doesn't move.

Step 3

Sharpen the saw blade with a small, round file. The teeth of the saw alternate with a beveled edge and a flat edge. Sharpen only the beveled edges.

Step 4

Pull the file between each beveled tooth on the saw blade.


Oil the blade and the handle to prevent rust and help the wood last longer.


Blades are sharp! Use caution when sharpening.


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