How to Sharpen a Pruning Saw

Sharpen a Pruning Saw
Sharpen a Pruning Saw

How to Sharpen a Pruning Saw. Use pruning saws for removing larger limbs and branches. While there are several types of pruning saws, all have a toothed, saw blade. Keeping the toothed blade sharp is tedious, but it's easy - and very important. Here's what to do.

Things You'll Need

  • Lubricating Oils
  • Metal Files
  • Vises

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Open the saw if it is a folding variety.

Place the pruning saw in a vice, blade facing up. Clamp tightly in place so the blade doesn't move.

Sharpen the saw blade with a small, round file. The teeth of the saw alternate with a beveled edge and a flat edge. Sharpen only the beveled edges.

Pull the file between each beveled tooth on the saw blade.

Tips & Warnings

  • Oil the blade and the handle to prevent rust and help the wood last longer.
  • Blades are sharp! Use caution when sharpening.
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