DIY Metallic Home Accents That Only Look Expensive

The gold rush is on. From makeup to fashion to home decor, metallics — particularly gold — are on trend. Unfortunately, the stronger the trend, the higher the prices. But don't give those prices a second thought. DIY your way to the trend with home accents that look far more expensive than they are.

Image Credit: Leaf Group

Gold Flatware

Price is not the only advantage to this DIY gold-handled flatware. Many of the versions you buy have to be washed by hand, but these are dishwasher safe. Gorgeous, inexpensive and low maintenance: You've hit the motherlode.

Image Credit: Rachel Pereira

Sequin Hangers

How about a little sparkle for your closet? Or for a friend's closet? These sequin hangers are so easy to put together, you can spoil yourself and your BFFs.

Image Credit: Gillian Ellis

Table Lamp

With the help of a can of spray paint and an easy-to-use lamp kit, you can transform a tired, old pendant lamp into a modern geometric table lamp.

Image Credit: Tim and Mary Vidra

Polka Dot Drink Ware

Plain glasses become sophisticated drink ware with the addition of gold paint. You can whip up service for 8 in less than an hour.

Image Credit: Leaf Group

Accented Glasses

When it comes to asymmetrical gold flourishes, no one discourages double-dipping. Don't be shy, you've got this.

Image Credit: Leaf Group

Gold Coasters

Now that you have gorgeous gold glassware, you're going to need some coasters. Check out these beauties.

Image Credit: Leaf Group

Gold Wreath

This elegant wreath started out as a couple of foil baking pans from the Dollar Store. Seriously.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Sculptural Spheres

These sculptural spheres make a classy statement in any season, in almost any setting. The secret to this project is vinyl tubing from the hardware store — like the type used to deliver water to your ice maker.

Image Credit: Lucy Akins

Shimmering Pinecones

Make your pinecones shimmer and shine with a touch of glitter. For some of us, you can never have too much — especially during the holidays.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong

Metallic Acorns

Gilded acorns may be small, but they're mighty accents in the right atmosphere. Plus, they're super easy and quick to create.

Image Credit: Leaf Group

Mercury Glass

Traditional mercury glass is made by coating the inside of double-walled glass shapes with silvering. But if you prefer gold, this DIY version of faux mercury glass might be just what you need.

Image Credit: Jonathan Fong