How to Make a Hanging Tree Canopy

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Things You'll Need

  • Large wooden quilt hoop (18" to 24" diameter)

  • 3 sheer curtain panels

  • Fabric scraps

  • Ribbon

  • Silk flowers

  • Clothespins

  • Hot glue gun

There's something magical about a canopy hanging from a tree, whether it's for a romantic picnic spot, a private oasis to read a book or a kids' hideaway. This canopy, made with a quilt hoop and sheer curtain panels, is very easy to assemble. But it doesn't have to stay outdoors. It also works its magic indoors, hanging above a chair or a bed.


Step 1

Start with a large quilt hoop

Purchase a large wood quilt hoop at a crafts store. Look for the the largest size, which, depending on your store's selection, will be between 18" to 24" in diameter. The quilt hoop comes in two sections – an inner hoop that is continuous, and an outer hoop, which has a break in it with a screw for tightening.

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Step 2

Gather three curtain panels in the inner hoop

We'll start with the inner hoop. Gather a sheer curtain panel so the top edge of the panel sits within the hoop. Repeat with two more curtain panels so that the panels are gathered equally around the inner hoop. (Note: If you do not have sheer curtain panels, a few yards of netting or organza will work just fine.)


Step 3

Lock into place with outer hoop

Slide the outer hoop over the inner hoop and sheers, locking them into place by tightening the screw.


Step 4

Tie ribbons around the hoop

At the three points where the three sheer panels are separated on the hoop, tie a ribbon around the hoop, and then tie the three ribbons together at the top. The canopy will be hung on a tree branch from these ribbons.


Step 5

Create flag bunting for the top

To cover up the wood hoop, we will create flag bunting to go around the top. Cut triangles out of scrap fabric and hot glue the pieces to a ribbon. Make the bunting long enough to go around the circumference of the hoop. There is no need to hem the triangular pieces of fabric; the unfinished look adds to the charm.



Step 6

Glue silk flowers to clothes pins

Hot glue silk flowers to wooden clothes pins. These flower clips will be used as colorful tiebacks and fasteners for the canopy.


Step 7

Clip the bunting to the hoop

Secure the flag bunting to the quilt hoop with one of the flower clips.


Step 8

Clip a tieback to the sheer panels

Pull back one of the sheer panels and use a flower clip as a tie back to keep the canopy open. Clip a ribbon to the tieback to accentuate the swag in the sheer.

Step 9

Pin pom poms to the sheers

For more color and whimsy, insert a safety pin into some yarn pom poms, and pin these at various points on the canopy. When it's time to take down the canopy, the sheers slide out of the quilt hoop, and the flower clips and pom poms come off without damaging the sheers. After all, putting up and taking down the canopy should be as carefree as lounging underneath it.


If you do not have sheer curtain panels, a few yards of netting or organza will work just fine.


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