How to Adjust a Roll-Top Appliance Garage

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver

  • Parts

  • Sandpaper

An appliance garage is a special cabinet that sits on a counter and has a roll-up-style tambour door. The door slides down to hide countertop appliances that are not in use to keep the counters clutter-free. Sometimes a tambour door will come out of adjustment and won't close completely or won't hold its position partially open. Making adjustments to an appliance garage's roll-top door's tension is a straightforward task.


Step 1

Empty the garage and unscrew it from the walls or cabinets. Often a garage will be installed with two screws in the wall.

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Step 2

Turn the garage upside down. Most garages have a spring-loaded roller at the top of the door. If the door has been stopping short or not stopping at all, it is usually a tension issue. However, before you adjust the tension, push the door all the way up and investigate the track carefully.

Step 3

Look for areas where the track has loosened from the frame. The track should be smooth and clean. Occasionally food or other matter will become lodged in a track and create a sticky or slow spot. Clean anything that seems wrong or different from the rest of the track. Lightly sand any track rough spots with sandpaper so the door has nothing to catch upon. Open and shut the door again to see if this corrected the problem.


Step 4

Adjust the spring tension: At the top of the door are two dowels or rollers. One will have a spring tension bushing with a set screw adjustment. Most require you to turn the bushing to increase or decrease the tension. Loosen the set screw and turn the bushing. Tighten the set screw and try the door. A few experiments should solve the correct tension. Some door styles require you to loosen the side screw holding the rod to the bracket and then turn the entire rod.


Clean the counter area before returning the garage to its position.


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