How to Repair Bonding That Holds Glass Into the Metal Frame of a Shower Door

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Things You'll Need

  • Putty knife

  • Caulking adhesive

  • Sponge

Fix your shower door as soon as you detect a problem.
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If you have noticed that the glass in your shower door is coming away from the metal frame, it is important to fix the problem immediately. Once the glass comes loose from the metal frame and once the adhesive releases its grip, the glass will continue to detach from the frame. Falling glass is a serious safety hazard, so take care of this problem as soon as you can.


Step 1

Wiggle the glass gently in the frame to see if it will come out the rest of the way. If one corner of the glass is coming free, there is a good chance that the rest will as well. If only one corner or side is loose, work with the glass still in the metal frame.

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Step 2

Pry out any old adhesive with a putty knife. This ensures a better seal between the metal and the glass.

Step 3

Squirt a small amount of caulking adhesive into the metal frame where the glass sits. While you can do this with a tube of caulking adhesive, it is easier if you have the caulking adhesive mounted in a caulk gun.

Step 4

Push the glass back into the metal frame and hold it there for a full minute to allow the adhesive to take hold.


Step 5

Scrape any stray adhesive off the metal door using your putty knife and wipe up any residue with a damp sponge.

Step 6

Allow the caulking adhesive to cure completely. The amount of time this takes is listed on the packaging. During this time, do not move the door or use the shower.


Tape the area around the metal frame to make the caulk cleanup easier.


Be very careful when working with glass. Make sure that your hands are perfectly dry and keep children away from the area.


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