How to Make a Mouth and Teeth From Clay

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Clay can take any shape its handler sees fit to form, including a mouth and teeth. Work with polymer clay for the best results. Though technically not a clay, this substance is extremely pliable. What's more, it will not blend when colored, letting you work with clay in multiple pigments without them combining. Your unique interpretation of the shape of a mouth and teeth will dictate the finished look of this craft. For a humorous touch, you can create a gap between teeth or have some teeth missing.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber Tip Tool

  • Polymer Clay

  • Safety Pin

The Mouth

Step 1

Roll a palm-sized portion of clay into a ball. Use any color you like. Lightly press the ball onto a surface, flattening one side. The center of this shape should be thick and its sides more shallow.

Step 2

Shape the ball into a crescent. Pull gently at the ball from its sides.

Step 3

Indent a smile onto the crescent shape, using a rubber tip tool. Point the tip of the tool in the center of the crescent. Draw the clay from the center to the outside corners.

Step 4

Etch lips into the crescent. Form a gentle divide between the upper and lower portions of the shape, maintaining the smile's formation. The teeth you'll make will be placed here. With your fingertips, mold the raised upper and lower portions into lip shapes.

The Teeth

Step 1

Fill the space between the lips of the mouth with white clay.

Step 2

Part the clay into individual teeth. Employ a thin tool such as a safety pin to do this.

Step 3

Press the lips close to the teeth, removing any empty gaps between the clay components. You can also press a portion of the lips over the teeth, to form a unique and authentic smile.