How to Repair the Hinges on Attic Pull-Down Steps

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Things You'll Need

  • Old toothbrush

  • Screwdriver set

  • Silicon-based lubricant

The hinges of your pull-down steps are a key part of the mechanism that enables you to access your attic or roof crawl space. Repairing the hinges used to pivot the door downward if they begin to feel stiff, squeak or work loose makes the stairs easier to access and stow. In many cases, a little TLC is enough to restore the hinges to normal working order.


Step 1

Clean dirty hinges with an old toothbrush. The oil on hinges accumulate dirt. Use warm water to help clear away stubborn dirt. Thoroughly dry the area when you are finished.

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Step 2

Tighten the screws if the hinge plates rattle or move around when the steps are raised or lowered. Repeated use loosens the screws and makes the steps wobble. Tighten all screws and bolts on both sides on every section of the steps except the friction bolts, if fitted to your particular model. The friction bolts dictate how fast the steps move on the way down and should be carefully loosened or tightened until the steps move down at a safe speed.


Step 3

Spray silicon-based lubricant onto the hinges and joints. Silicon-based lubricants do not attract dirt like oil or moisture-dispersing sprays. Move the hinges a few times to work the product fully into the mechanism. Stiff elbow joints used to support the stairs should also receive a spray of lubricant.



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