How to Glue Fiberglass Insulation

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Things You'll Need

  • Spray glue

  • Dropcloth

  • Cutting tool

  • Tape measure

Proper insulation can keep your heating and cooling bills down.

Gluing fiberglass insulation can help the product to stay in place better over a long period. When you have areas that are not standard in size or come at strange angle, gluing the insulation can ensure a tight seal. A-frame houses and places with odd angles require gluing to keep the insulation in place.


Step 1

Prepare the area for insulation. This includes removing all dust and cobwebs--anything that might interfere with the adhesive.

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Step 2

Lay the dropcloth on the ground in a large, flat area. The space needs to be big enough for you to stretch out the insulation.


Step 3

Measure the area you plan to insulate with a tape measure. The length and width should be determined. This will guide you through cutting lengths of insulation. The width should be used to determine the number of pieces to cover the entire area.

Step 4

Cut the insulation to the proper length, using a cutting tool. You can do this one piece at a time or multiple pieces at once.


Step 5

Lay one piece on the dropcloth. Spray one piece at a time to fully install it while the adhesive is sticky.

Step 6

Spray the entire area of the insulation thoroughly. Cover the entire area with the adhesive spray.


Step 7

Place the insulation against the wall, gently pressing the adhesive side against the structure. It will stick rapidly, so you should move quickly. Repeat the last two steps until all the pieces are adhered to the structure.


Put the insulation flush with the wall. You can cut the batting in half to go on both sides of wires. This provides the best insulation situation.

Even when the adhesive is on the insulation, it can still slide but only briefly. This is how you can move the insulation behind wires and piping. Work quickly to get it into place.


You should not inhale fiberglass, so wear a mask while working with the insulation.


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