Can You Dye a Coach Bag?

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Things You'll Need

  • Leather repair compound

  • Leather prep

  • Leather dye

  • Large cloth

  • Rags

  • Soft bristle brush

  • Protective gloves

Most leather, including Coach bags, can be dyed.
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Leather bags made by Coach can fade or get scratches that dull the color and make the bag look old and worn. Dye Coach bags using leather paint recoloring kits, but beware: Coach bags will decrease in value once dyed because the original color is disguised and some leather dyes will bleed onto other materials. Choose leather dye kits that are water-based to avoid harmful fumes and kits that claim not to bleed or stain once the color dries.


Step 1

Place a large cloth over the workspace to keep it clean. Place the bag on top of the cloth and put on the protective work gloves.

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Step 2

Smooth the leather repair compound into any cracks in the purse using a rag. The compound will dry and harden to seal the crack, so use only enough to fill in the crack and wipe away excess using the rag. Allow it to dry completely.


Step 3

Spray leather prep on the entire outside of the bag, then brush it with a soft bristle brush to blend the prep into the leather and begin lifting the existing dye. Wipe the leather dry immediately after brushing. Avoid the area on and around the leather repair compound so the leather prep doesn't soften or destroy the repair. Allow the bag to dry.


Step 4

Buff the leather dye onto the bag using a rag. The buffing action works the dye into the bag. Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve the desired color and consistency.



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