How to Align a Pella Sliding Door

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Things You'll Need

  • 8-inch #2 Phillips screwdriver

  • Rag

A long-reach screwdriver is needed to align a Pella sliding door.
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Overtime, Pella sliding doors fall out of adjustment. This causes the door to bind when moved or fall off the track, or may cause the lock to stop working. Installed in each Pella sliding door is a mechanism that moves the location of the lower track guide. Making the adjustments correctly will realign the door to reduce these problems. Adjusting the door incorrectly could cause the lower guide to break, or worse, cause the door to jump the lower track.


Step 1

Open the Pella sliding door.

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Step 2

Turn the screw – located at the bottom of the door's latch face – counterclockwise with an 8-inch #2 Phillips screwdriver. Push on the door as you loosen the screw. Stop turning the screw when the door moves when pushed. Slide the end of the screwdriver into the hole located above the loosened screw. Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise when you feel the tip of the screwdriver enter the adjustment screw.


Step 3

Grasp both ends of the door panel. Lift upward and pull the bottom of the sliding door toward you to remove it from the door frame. Set the door vertically against a wall.

Step 4

Pull a rag across the track to remove dirt buildup from the area. Place the top of the sliding door in the track. Lift up on the door while you push the bottom of the door into the lower track.


Step 5

Slide the #2 Phillips screwdriver into the adjust hole, located above the loosen screw. Turn the screwdriver clockwise until the door sits securely in the door frame. Turn the loosened screw clockwise to lock the door in position. Close the door.

Step 6

Open the door. Align the door with the door catch, mounted in the door frame, by sliding the end of the screwdriver in the adjusting hole, turning the adjusting screw and closing the door until the door locks correctly.



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