How to Convert From JPG to DST

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A design saved as a JPG file can be digitized into a DST file used by embroidery machines.
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A computer file that has a DST file name extension is an embroidery format file used in stitching designs with an embroidery machine. DST files contain mechanical directions that tell the embroidery machine where and how to place stitches. The process of converting a design, such as that found in a JPG file, into a DST file is called "digitizing." Digitizing is not simply opening a JPG file in embroidery software and saving the file as a DST file. Digitizing a JPG file into a DST file is a complex process requiring technical knowledge and artistic skill.


Step 1

Open the JPG file in your embroidery program. Indicate where the stitching will begin by setting a lock stitch. This stitch will prevent the embroidery from unraveling.

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Step 2

Draw a running stitch along the center of the largest shape in the JPG design. This creates the foundation for the remaining stitches. Indicate the area to be filled and the direction of the stitches by using a satin stitch setting.

Step 3

Draw another running stitch for the next area to be embroidered. The running stitch is the path you program the needle to take. Set satin stitching to cover this path.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with each area to be stitched. Depending on the embroidery program you are using, you might be able to indicate a change in color.

Step 5

Close off the stitch design by programming a lock stitch. Save the file you just digitized as a DST file.


Envision the path the needle will take and draw the most economical running stitches. Begin at one end and program all stitches in that area before moving to the next spot.


Because various embroidery software programs have different command names, these instructions are deliberately generic.

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