How to Make an Origami Cheetah

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Things You'll Need

  • Square sheet of origami paper

  • Black pen

The paper crane is a well known, traditional origami pattern.

Origami is the Japanese word for the art of paper folding. This ancient art has been around for hundreds of years. What began with traditional and simple folding patterns has developed into an entire culture of paper-folding art. There are different styles of origami, traditional methods which use only a single sheet of paper and more modern patterns which sometimes use other tools such as a second sheet of paper or even scissors to make a slit.


Step 1

Lay your sheet of paper on a hard flat surface, with the color side facing down. Fold the bottom left corner up to the top right corner, folding your square in half. Crease and unfold it. Fold the bottom left corner in to the center crease, and then repeat with the top right corner. Flip your project over.

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Step 2

Fold the bottom tip up to the top tip. Fold the same tip in half over to the right. Fold the top right corner of the square behind and down so that it meets the bottom left corner.

Step 3

Fold the top right point on the right-hand side backward. On the right-hand side of the project, press open and squash down the flap. Fold the tip underneath. Fold the top left and right corners behind.


Step 4

Press the left-hand tip down, folding it inside-out and pushing it inside the cheetah body. This is called an inside reverse fold. Then, make a second reverse-fold with just the tip, so that it is poking out of the body. To make this second reverse-fold, simply fold the tip upward, folding the tip section of the paper inside-out again. This forms the cheetah's tail.

Step 5

Draw black cheetah spots using a black pen or marker.


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