How to Fold Pillow Blankets

Pillow blankets, also known as quillows, are handy items that can be left on a guest bed or couch as a pillow but opened up as a blanket if the room gets chilly. A pocket is sewn into one corner of the blanket, allowing you to fold it up neatly and tuck it into itself. The folded blanket is also compact for easy storage, so you can tuck it away during the warmer months.

Step 1

Lay the blanket on a table so the pocket side is down.

Step 2

Fold the blanket into thirds by bringing the long, left side in one-third of the way. Fold the right side in over the top so the outer right hem lines up with the outside left fold. The blanket will look like a long, skinny rectangle.

Step 3

Turn the blanket over so the pocket side is on the top and closest to your body, with the long rectangle leading away from your body.

Step 4

Fold the blanket down, starting at the top. Fold the length into thirds so each third is the size of the pocket. After the last fold, the blanket will sit on top of the pocket.

Step 5

Slide the blanket into the pocket by lifting up the blanket that is sitting on top of the pocket and working it in. Prevent it from getting bunched, or it won't lay flat. Turn it over when you're finished so the decorative side is up, and use it as a pillow.