How to Make Ancient Greek Clothing for Kids

Look to ancient Greek statues when making ancient Greek clothing for kids. According to Kidipede, most children in ancient Greece wore a simple cloth wrapped around their waists like shorts. However, if your child needs a Greek costume for Halloween or a school pay, dress them up as you would an ancient Greek adult. Men wore knee-length tunics, which is a slip-on garment like a shirt, while women wore long pieces of linen or wool wrapped around them to form ankle-length dresses.

Children should wear leather sandals with their costumes.

Things You'll Need

  • XL adult white T-shirt

  • Scissors

  • 2 cotton fabric belt

  • Leather sandals for boy

  • Long white nightgown

  • White twin sheet

  • Leather sandals for girl

Step 1

Cut off the sleeves from an adult XL white T-shirt using a pair of scissors. Dress your boy in this T-shirt to form a man's tunic.

Step 2

Wrap a cotton fabric belt around his waist. Tie it in a double knot in the front to secure. The tunic should sit about knee level. Dress the boy in leather sandals.

Step 3

Dress your girl in a long white nightgown to create her Greek costume. Fold a white twin bed sheet in half so that the two long sides meet. Fold in half this way again.

Step 4

Drape the sheet over one shoulder so that half of it hangs in the front of her body and half hangs at the back.

Step 5

Wrap a cotton belt around the girl's waist to secure the costume. Dress her in leather sandals.


Boys can wear shorts under their tunics if they feel uncomfortable wearing only the T-shirt.

Dress a boy in white or brown thermal underwear for cold weather.

Girls can wear an ankle-length skirt and white T-shirt instead of a nightgown.