Getting Oil-Based Stains Out of Clothes With Satin-Like Material

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Things You'll Need

  • White paper towels, talcum powder or cornstarch

  • Petroleum-based pre-treatment solution

  • Powdered detergent

  • Detergent

Treat oil stains on satin-like fabric with petroleum-based pre-treatment sprays.

Satin is a shiny fabric with a lustrous, silky feel that is generally worn or used at formal occasions. Like any fabric, you must take care while using satin to prevent it from getting stained. If unfortunately, your satin fabrics catch oil-based stains such as those caused by foods, cosmetics and automotive oil; you must take special care to remove the spot. Act quickly to ensure effective removal of the oil-based stains from your satin fabrics, as old stains can take longer to clear away.

Step 1

Apply an absorbent on the stain to blot out the oil. Place white paper towels, a little talcum powder or cornstarch over the stained area. Leave it for five minutes. Discard the paper towels or powder.

Step 2

Spray the stain with a petroleum-based pre-treatment solution. Allow it to soak for 30 minutes. If you do not have a pre-treatment solution, mix a little powdered detergent with water to form a runny paste and apply it on the stain.

Step 3

Wash the satin material with the highest hot water temperature recommended for the fabric. Check the fabric care label on the satin fabric for the temperature recommendations. Add detergent based on the quantity required for a regular laundry load, and run the washing machine.

Step 4

Examine the material to see if the oil stain has gone. If the stain persists reapply the pre-treatment solution and wash again until the stain goes away. Air-dry the satin material once the stain has been removed.


Do not apply fresh or diluted chlorine bleach to satin-like materials. Doing so can dissolve the materials and cause color loss.

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