How to Get Tin Foil Off an Electric Stove Top

Tin foil may seem like a good material for lining burner plates -- until a pot overflows and the liquid heats with the tin foil to form a sticky mess. Tin foil laid on a hot stove top may actually melt to the stove top, creating an even larger problem. To remove melted tin foil from an electric stove top, consult your owner's manual first. Avoid abrasive cleansers or cleaning pads that might scratch an enamel, stainless steel or glass surface.

Non-stick foil reduces problems associated with melting and sticking.

Things You'll Need

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Plastic scraper, spatula or razor blade

  • Commercial stove cleaning cream or baking soda

Step 1

Remove any loose pieces of tin foil with your fingers and discard them.

Step 2

Soak a microfiber cloth in very hot water and wring it out slightly so the cloth is still quite damp. Place the cloth over the tin foil and wait 20 minutes. The hot water loosens any sticky food debris, as well as melted tin foil.

Step 3

Scrape off the loosened tin foil with a plastic scraper, spatula or razor blade. Razor blades are safe for glass stove tops, but can scratch enamel or stainless steel stoves. If necessary, reapply the hot cloth to soak stubborn areas.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of commercial stove top cleaning cream or mix baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Apply the cleaner or paste to the stove top once the tin foil is removed. Rub with the microfiber cloth to remove any remaining debris or stickiness. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry.


Wait until the stove top is cool before attempting to clean it. Placing a hot cloth on a hot stove can damage the surface.

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