How to Even Out a Goose Down Comforter When the Feathers Settle in the Corners

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Things You'll Need

  • Dryer

  • Clean tennis balls or canvas shoe

Proper maintenance can prevent clumping in down comforters.

Goose down comforters will keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months – but not if the feathers all redistribute and clump in the corners of the comforter. While most down comforters are constructed with stitching designed to prevent the filling from settling in one area, clumping can still happen with regular use. Clumping doesn't mean that you have to replace your comforter, though. You can redistribute the feathers and keep your comforter cozy, and your bed looking crisp and fresh.


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Step 1

Lay the comforter across the bed. Hold the comforter from the corner that is clumped, and raise your arms. Quickly snap the comforter down, allowing it to fan out and redistribute the feathers; repeat as necessary.

Step 2

Place the comforter in a large-capacity dryer with two clean tennis balls or a clean canvas sneaker. The heavier items will help redistribute the feathers and break up the clumps.

Step 3

Run the dryer on the fluff or air-dry cycle for 15 minutes, and see if the clumps have broken up. Add more time if necessary, checking at 15-minute intervals.


To prevent excessive clumping of the feathers in your down comforter, fluff the comforter every day when you make the bed.

Rotate and flip the comforter every few days to prevent the feathers from settling into one spot.

Purchase a high-quality, box-stitched comforter to prevent clumping. They might cost more, but will hold up to daily use better than cheaper versions.