How to Use Anti-Scalp Deck Wheels

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Things You'll Need

  • Combination wrench

  • Socket wrench

Anti-scalping deck wheels prevent damage to the lawn's high spots.

Anti-scalp deck wheels are used on many higher-end riding mower models and on most "zero-turn" riding mowers. These wheels help prevent the deck from coming in contact with the ground when passing over a high spot, thus preventing the blade from slicing off or "scalping" large clumps of grass. Some mowers offer anti-scalp deck wheels as standard equipment, while others feature provisions for mounting an aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) set of wheels. The hardware required for assembly is usually included with the wheels.


Step 1

Move the attachment lift lever on the mower to adjust the deck to the desired cutting height.

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Step 2

Place a 0.75-inch hex bolt through the center of the anti-scalp deck wheel. Insert a washer into the back of the wheel.

Step 3

Attach the wheel to the deck's mounting bracket. Thread a 0.5625 hex nut onto the bolt. Hold the nut with a combination wrench while tightening the bolt with a socket wrench.

Step 4

Repeat the procedure for the other anti-scalp deck wheels. Remember to assemble the wheels so they are slightly off the ground.


Step 5

Operate the mower as normal. The anti-scalp deck wheels will keep the deck properly elevated over high spots to prevent the blades from slicing into the ground.


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