How to Hang Chair Covers to Prevent Wrinkles

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Things You'll Need

  • Drapery hangers

  • Dry-cleaner bags

Chair covers can transform a standard metal banquet chair into a beautiful chair that matches the theme of your event. Available in a wide range of colors and styles, chair covers ensure that guest chairs look as attractive as the rest of your event decor. Because wrinkled fabric could detract from their beauty, hang chair covers to prevent wrinkles. With careful attention to storage details, the chair covers will stay smooth and ready to adorn your chairs.


Step 1

Grasp each chair cover firmly by the top edge and shake it out gently.

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Step 2

Place the chair cover over the drapery hanger in the same way you would place it over a chair. The drapery hanger will conform to the top edge of the chair cover, filling it out similarly to the way a chair would.


Step 3

Cover each chair cover on the hanger with a plastic dry-cleaner bag to keep it clean.

Step 4

Hang the hangers from a closet bar to store the chair covers. Ensure that they hang freely to prevent wrinkles.



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