How to Make Washcloth Animals for a Baby Shower

Washcloth animals make an adorable decoration for a baby shower. Use washcloths that are made of soft materials, such as baby washcloths, and choose pastel colors common for baby linens, such as light green or yellow. You can even use pink or blue washcloths to match the sex of the baby. Once you've gotten your washcloth, you can create nearly any animal you want out of it.

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Making the Body

Roll each side of a large washcloth tightly towards the center, width-wise so that they meet at the center and form two evenly sized rolls.

Fold the washcloth in half so that the rolls are on the outside. Pull the corner edge from the inside of each of the rolls so that it hangs outside the roll. You will then have four edges hanging out of four rolls.

Hold the towel corners in your hand and pull them apart to form the body of the animal.


Fold a smaller washcloth in half lengthwise, then fold the two corners down towards the fold to form a triangle.

Roll the two sides of the triangle in towards each other, with the pointed ends in the center.

Pull up the pointed ends of the triangle to form the tips of the ears, then shape the head so that it is proportionate to the body. Place the head on top of the body that you created.


Fold a smaller washcloth in half lengthwise, then roll both sides towards the center of the fold.

Pull the edges of the center out of the roll to make the floppy elephant ears.

Roll up the long portion of the washcloth to form the elephant's trunk. Place the head on the body that you created.


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