How to Make a Mummy's Tomb Out of a Shoe Box for Kids

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Ancient Egyptians practiced the art of mummification, in which the bodies of the deceased were carefully wrapped in cloth and preserved for their trip to the afterlife. Mummies were kept in tombs, usually alongside some of the individual's most cherished possessions. You can teach your kids about ancient Egypt's tombs by building a simple replica with a shoe box and a few craft supplies. Building your own tomb is an exciting way to explore the traditions of ancient peoples.


Things You'll Need

  • Crayons

  • White Paper Or Cloth

  • Scissors

  • Construction Paper

  • Glue

  • Shoe Box

  • Old Doll

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Step 1

Trace the shape of each side of the shoe box onto a piece of construction paper.

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Step 2

Cut the paper out and glue it to the sides of the box, covering the original printing. The entire shoe box should be covered in construction paper.

Step 3

Create some items that you would want to accompany you in the afterlife. For example, many pharaohs were buried with food and treasure to use once they crossed into their new lives. Draw these items on construction paper and cut them out.

Step 4

Draw hieroglyphic markings on your tomb. You can make up your own hieroglyphs or mimic the ones you see in books about Egypt.


Step 5

Wrap an old doll in white cloth or paper to mimic the mummification process. Place your mummy into the box to complete the illusion of a tomb.


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