How to Macrame Bottomless Sandals

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Things You'll Need

  • 16 feet of 1/-16-inch hemp cord

  • Tape measure

  • Scissors

  • Clipboard

  • Binder clip

Make summery barefoot sandals with macrame.
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Go barefoot, but make it look as though you are wearing sandals with a pair of bottomless sandals. Also known as barefoot sandals, the macrame straps are extend from your toes and secure to your ankles. Use hemp cords and a basic macrame knotting technique called the square knot to form the straps of the bottomless sandals. These sandals make great gifts for fellow beach vacation travelers and for those who live near a lake or the ocean.


Step 1

Measure and cut four lengths of soft, one-sixteenth inch-thick hemp cord to four feet long, using a tape measure and scissors. Line up the cord ends, fold the group of cords in half and tie the whole group in a tight overhand knot one inch away from one folded end to make a 2-inch long loop. This is the loop your toe will fit through.


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Step 2

Clip the loop down in a clip board and divide the eight strings into two groups of four. Each group will make up a different strap of the bottomless sandals. Drape one group over the back of the clipboard to get it out of the way.

Step 3

Bring the two middle strands of the four strands still on the front of the clipboard straight down and clip them to the bottom of the clipboard with a binder clip. This holds them in place as you tie the other two strands around them.


Step 4

Bring the cord on the far left across the two strands in the middle and create a loose "L" shape on the left with the cord. Cross the left cord under the cord on the far right.

Step 5

Bring the far-right cord up under the far-left cord and under both middle cords. Pull the end of the far-right cord through the opening in the loose "L" shape so the far-right cord is now on the left and the far-left cord is now on the right. Pull the two ends to tighten the first knot.


Step 6

Cross the far-right cord over the two in the middle and leave the same "L" shape as you did when making the first knot. Bring the far-right cord under the far-left cord and bring the far-left cord over and under the far-right cord.

Step 7

Feed the far-left cord under the two middle cords and through the "L" on the far right. Tie the ends to make the second knot. When you make the third knot, start on the left and keep alternating sides to create the square knot. Stop when this sandal strap is 18 inches long and repeat with the other group of four strands to make the other strap.


Step 8

Remove the macrame hemp from the clip board and put the toe next to your big toe through the loop. Bring the two straps across the top of your foot, wrap each strap around your ankle and tie the loose ends together. Repeat the process to create a second bottomless sandal.


You can add beads to the straps between a series of knots by feeding them onto both middle cords and simply continuing the knotting after the bead.


Do not choose slippery cords for these sandals, which may not hold the macrame knots securely.


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