DIY Last Minute Nun Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Black skirt and shirt or dress

  • Black sheet (optional)

  • Scissors

  • Piece of rope

  • Plain black shoes

  • White pillowcase

  • Safety pins

  • Short length of black fabric

  • Black cloak or long length of black fabric

  • Cardboard

  • Silver acrylic craft paint

  • Length of chain with clasp

  • Bible or old book

  • Candle in candle holder (optional)

  • Two long strips of wood

  • Hammer and nail

Black clothing forms the base of a quick nun costume.

If you have been invited to a costume party with a religious theme or need a last-minute nun costume for Halloween or a theater production, you can improvise using items from your closet or around the house. You will not need to create a lot of complicated props or accessories, because nun's habits are very simple and nuns do not have many possessions.


Step 1

Wear a dress or a long black skirt and a loose, long black shirt or top as a base for a last-minute nun outfit. Alternatively use a large black sheet or piece of fabric. Fold it in half and cut a hole in the center of the fold with scissors, ensuring the hole is large enough fit over your head comfortably.


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Step 2

Wrap a length of rope around your waist to make a belt over your black clothes, or to hold the sheet in place. Add plain black shoes.

Step 3

Place the white pillowcase on the top of your head and wrap it lengthwise around your face. Pin it tightly under your chin with a safety pin so that the ends of the pillowcase cover the front of your neck and the top of your chest.


Step 4

Arrange a short length of black fabric over the white pillowcase like a headscarf and pin it in position, leaving a white border showing around your face and under your chin. Wrap a long length of black fabric or a black cape around your shoulders.

Step 5

Cut a cross shape out of thick cardboard and paint it with acrylic craft paint. Make a hole in it and thread a length of chain or a piece of cord through it and clasp it around your neck.

Step 6

Carry a Bible or an old book, a candle in a candle holder, or a rudimentary wooden cross made by nailing two lengths of wood together.



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