How to Make Homemade Pyramids Out of Foam

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper or plastic table cover

  • Large Craft foam blocks or floral foam blocks

  • Marking pen

  • Sharp knife

  • Craft paint

  • Commercial sealant or plaster of paris

  • Sand or commercial paint texture

The Pyramid of Cheops is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the World.

When you mention pyramids, many people think about the Great Pyramids of Giza. The pyramid is a classic geometrical shape and the great pyramids in Egypt and Central America are a testament to the strength of this iconic shape. If you have a school project that requires you to build a pyramid, you can do so with basic supplies from just about any craft store. You can generally complete the project in less than an hour.


Step 1

Cover the work surface with newspaper or plastic table cover. Tape down the table cover.

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Step 2

Place a large block of craft foam or floral foam on the work surface.

Step 3

Find the center of the top piece of foam by measuring across the top in both directions. Mark the center with a marking pen.


Step 4

Starting at the center point, take a sharp knife and begin to slice through the foam at a 45-degree angle toward the bottom edge of the block. Continue to cut until you have reached the bottom of one side of the foam block.

Step 5

Repeat step four until you have cut all four sides and revealed a pyramid.


Step 6

Cut rows into the pyramid with the tip of the sharp knife, going around all four sides at regular intervals until you reach the top. These lines will form the rows in the pyramid that will resemble blocks.

Step 7

Clean up the work surface at this point and lay down new newspaper or a table cover.


Step 8

Mix the paint to form the color you desire. Use some commercially made paint texture additive or add sand to create consistency.

Step 9

Paint the pyramid with the textured paint, taking care to remove any globs. If you are using a textured spray paint, coat the pyramid first with a sealant to stop the spray paint from melting the foam.


Sample cans of paint are now available at most paint stores. This will allow you to have a small sample can of paint mixed for this project, instead of having to buy a half or whole gallon of paint. Pyramids can also be constructed by cutting four equally shaped triangles out of foam board and taping or gluing the sides together. Instead of painting with a brush and textured paint, many commercial stores offer a textured spray paint.


Some regular paints may melt foam. Avoid this problem by first sealing the foam with a commercial sealant or plaster of paris. Styrofoam friendly paints are readily available at most craft supply stores.


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