How to Machine Wash a Microsuede Comforter

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Microsuede comforters feel soft to the touch and are designed to emulate actual suede. They are created using either acrylic, polyester, nylon or rayon microfibers. These comforters are designed to look luxurious, but are often less difficult to care for than actual suede. The care instructions vary per comforter, but many microsuede comforters are designed to be washed in the washing machine. Read the care instructions on the comforter if available; some manufacturers may advise you to have the comforter professionally dry-cleaned.


Step 1

Select a large-capacity or commercial-size washer. Some microsuede comforters will fit in standard household washers, but many queen size and larger comforters are too big.

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Step 2

Place the microsuede comforter in the washer with a mild, non-chlorine bleach detergent.

Step 3

Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle. Run the rinse cycle twice to ensure the detergent is removed from the fabric.

Step 4

Tumble dry on low until the microsuede blanket is dry. Choose the permanent press drying cycle.

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