How to Make a Six-String Lanyard

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If you're already familiar with a few basic lanyard stitches, such as box or barrel, and you've already tackled the more difficult double box stitch, you're ready to move on to more complicated stitches. A six-string lanyard looks similar to a box stitch lanyard, except that it's three times the width and height and uses six colors instead of two. Make sure to use longer lanyard strings than you think you'll need, since a six-string lanyard can use up a lot of string to make a short length of lanyard.


Starting the Stitch

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Cut four strands of lanyard to a uniform length. Lay three of them (Strands A, B and C) on a flat surface, parallel to each other. Lay the other three strands (Strands D, E and F) on top of the first three strands, perpendicular to them. Curl one end of Strand A over the top strands to make a loop. Then curl the other end of Strand A in the opposite direction to make another loop. This should look similar to the first step of the box stitch. Repeat this process with Strands B and C until you have six loops. Then take one end of Strand D and weave it over and under the loops (you'll be going over the first loop, under the second loop, over the third, under the fourth, etc.). Repeat this process with Strands E and F; pull the strands to tighten the first stitch.

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Adding Additional Stitches

Repeat this process to add additional stitches. Curl over both sides of three adjacent strands to make six loops. Then take both sides of the other three strands and weave them over and under the loops. Pull tight to finish the stitch. Make sure that the stitches are tightened before continuing to keep the weave regular.


Completing the Stitch

When you've reached the desired lanyard length, make one last stitch but don't tighten it. Bring each strand of lanyard around the strand to its right, under the closest loop, and up through the middle of the stitch. Repeat for all 12 strand ends (two sides of six strands). Pull all of the strands to tighten the last stitch and cut the trailing strands to the desired length.



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