How to Make a Letter Balloon Arch

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Things You'll Need

  • Letter balloons

  • Standard balloons

  • Monofilament line

  • Scissors

  • Helium tank

  • Two columns, poles, trees or similar fixed objects standing near each other

Many occasions are appropriate for a balloon arch, from weddings and graduations to birthday parties. If you have to plan for this kind of event, you can make your balloon arch even more impressive by creating a letter balloon arch. Letter balloon arches are made from balloons shaped like letters. These balloons can be grouped in an arch to form words or phrases like "Congratulations Bob" or "Welcome." There are several companies that offer these balloons, and they are easy to use.


Step 1

Cut a length of monofilament line that when raised in the air would be long enough to form the arch you want.

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Step 2

Use the helium tank to inflate the letter balloons you need to make your message. Tie the balloons closed and use short pieces of monofilament to tie each to the longer line where you want them in the arch.


Step 3

Inflate some of the other balloons and tie them to the line to fill out the arch and to help hold the letter balloons in place.

Step 4

Tie one end of the monofilament to the base of one column, pillar or tree, and the other to the bottom of another one nearby. The helium filled balloons will automatically rise to form an arch.


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