How to Make Scented Tissue Paper

Things You'll Need

  • Essential oils

  • Spray bottle

  • Tissue paper

  • Cotton balls

  • Large box

  • Sheet protector

Wrap gifts in scented tissue paper.

Scented tissue paper is a lovely touch to birthday or wedding presents as it gives off a very light aroma. Also use scented tissue paper to wrap clothes for storage, keeping them smelling fresh or use a perfumed tissue paper to make paper flowers for a centerpiece. There are two easy ways to make scented tissue paper: one incorporates a lightly sprayed on aroma and the other uses cotton balls. The spray version is best if you want a stronger scent for your paper, especially for flowers, but the cotton ball method is still quite effective.

Spray Method

Step 1

Add an essential oil in the scent of your choice to a spray bottle.

Step 2

Spray a couple times away from the paper to ensure the misting setting on the nozzle is working. You do not want to end up squirting the paper to heavily and ruining it.

Step 3

Lay a piece of tissue paper out on a flat surface.

Step 4

Hold the spray bottle over the tissue paper and two feet away. Spray once to scent the paper and let it dry before using or storing. Repeat with as many sheets of tissue paper as you like.

Cotton Ball Method

Step 1

Lay several pieces of tissue paper flat in a large box. If you want a stronger aroma, use five sheets or fewer. If you prefer a lighter scent, use up to 10 pieces of tissue paper.

Step 2

Put three drops of an essential oil onto a cotton ball. Have a separate box and cotton ball for every scent, if you're using more than one.

Step 3

Place the sheet protector on top of the tissue paper and lay the cotton ball on top of the protector. If the cotton ball is on the paper, the oils soak through, ruining the tissue.

Step 4

Put the lid on the box and store for two to three days before removing the tissue paper.


Try combining scents, such as rosemary and lavender or cinnamon and apple.