How to Knit a Flat Panel on a Round Loom

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Loom knitting is a useful way to create knitted items for people who find it difficult to hold conventional knitting needles. It is also an easy craft to teach children. Round knitting looms are ideal for quickly and easily producing tubes of knitted fabric, which are created in the round by continuously working around the pegs on the circular frame. However, it is also possible to produce flat squares and rectangles in stockinette stitch by knitting backwards and forwards in rows along just some of the pegs in the circle.


Experiment with different weights of yarn to produce different-sized flat pieces.

Things You'll Need

  • Circular Loom

  • Small Crochet Hook

  • Yarn

Step 1

Hold your loom so that the pegs are facing upward and toward you and the anchor peg on the side of the circle is to the right.


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Step 2

Join your yarn to the anchor peg with a slip knot. Make a slip knot by forming a loop at the end of your yarn and pulling another loop through the first loop, which you then slip onto the anchor peg.

Step 3

Wrap the yarn around the nearest peg on the top of the loom in a counterclockwise direction. Work in a counterclockwise direction around the loom and wrap each consecutive peg, until you are back where you started.


Step 4

Knit your first row. Hold your yarn against the final peg you wrapped yarn around and lift the wrapped yarn over the new yarn and drop it off the peg. Moving in a clockwise direction around the loom, and continue knitting each peg in this manner until you reach the peg at the other end. This completes row one.


Step 5

Complete row two in the same manner, but moving in a counterclockwise direction around the loom. By switching direction with each row you will knit a flat piece with side edges. Even-numbered rows will be worked in a counterclockwise direction around the loom and odd-numbered rows will be worked in a clockwise direction. This differs from regular circular loom knitting where you continuously work around the loom in one direction and knit a seamless tube.


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