How to Remove the Tire From a Toro Snowblower

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Things You'll Need

  • Cinder block or several 4-by-4-inch wood blocks that are 1 foot long

  • Penetrating fluid

  • Wire brush

  • Socket wrench

  • Wrench

  • Rubber mallet

Removing a tire from a Toro snowblower is a bit different than many other snowblower brands. This is because instead of using a pin in the axle, the Toro snowblower tire uses a single bolt to secure the tire to the axle. Sometimes tire removal is a bit difficult, especially if the tire has been on the snowblower for several seasons. This is due to sediment and rust buildup between the axle and tire rim. Some basic cleaning and a little force may be necessary to remove the tire from the Toro snowblower.


Step 1

Place the Toro snowblower on a flat surface. Go to the side of the snowblower that requires the tire removal. Lift the side of the snowblower and place a cinder block or wood blocks under the axle. Lower the Toro snowblower axle onto the block. The tire should be off the ground.

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Step 2

Spray penetrating fluid where the axle inserts into the back of the tire rim. Allow the penetrating fluid to work for five minutes, and scrub the area with a wire brush. This helps break up rust and sediment, which can make the tire difficult to remove from the axle.


Step 3

Grab the ring of the click pin going through the axle in front of the rim. If the snowblower is set up for self-propel, the pin goes through the rim hub and the axle. Pull the pin ring with your fingers and remove the pin from the axle.

Step 4

Remove the bolt securing the tire to the axle with a socket wrench, if you have the wheel clutch model Toro snowblower. The bolt goes through the sides of the rim hub and through the axle. Place a wrench on the bolt nut while rotating the bolt counterclockwise with the socket wrench.


Step 5

Hit the back of the tire rim with a rubber mallet to loosen the rim from the axle. Grab the tire on two sides with your hands. Pull the tire off the axle using a rocking motion.


Clean the end of the axle with a emery cloth to remove residual surface rust. This helps when reinstalling the tire on the axle.



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