How to Convert a Toro Blower to a Vacuum

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Things You'll Need

  • Toro vacuum bag

  • Toro vacuum attachments

Use your Toro blower to vacuum the leaves instead of blowing them.
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Toro manufactures a wide variety of blowers that are designed to also be used as vacuums. These common lawn tools are viewed as essential yard maintenance tools by many homeowners. Instead of blowing the leaves from one side of the yard to another or toward your neighbor's yard, you can convert the blower to a vacuum. In some jurisdictions, it might even be against the law to blow debris from your property into the street. Most Toro blowers and vacuums assemble in the same manner with little to no variation from each model.


Step 1

Turn off the blower and unplug it from the power supply. Gasoline-powered blowers should be switched off. Most Toro blowers on the market are powered by electricity.

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Step 2

Switch the latch just below the handle to the vacuum setting. Remove the cover of the vacuum assembly that stays in place while using the Toro model as a blower.


Step 3

Remove the blower nozzle. This will slip on and off. Pull the nozzle away from the blower to remove it. You will not need this piece to use the Toro as a vacuum.

Step 4

Insert the vacuum attachment into the place where the vacuum cover was removed. Line up the vacuum attachment and snap it into the housing. You should hear a click when it's secured in place.


Step 5

Snap the vacuum attachment extension to the end of the vacuum attachment. Install the vacuum bag where you removed the blower nozzle. Make sure the vacuum bag is zippered closed. Plug in the vacuum and power it on.


Never vacuum sharp objects such as nails, metal, rock or acorns, which can damage the propeller.


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