How to Make Cat Whiskers for Stuffed Animals

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Things You'll Need

  • Clear fishing line

  • Sewing needle

You can create unique, special toys for your child by sewing your own stuffed animals. You could create a plush cat at home that your child can play with and later pass down to his children. When you sew the cat, you can make it as lifelike as you wish. You can even include realistic whiskers when you make the cat's face. You can use simple fishing line to create whiskers that look and feel like an actual cat's whiskers.


Step 1

Thread the sewing needle with 6 inches of clear fishing line.

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Step 2

Turn the unfinished stuffed cat's head inside out. Push the needle into the fabric where you want the whiskers to be and bring it out through the other side so that the stitch will be on the inside of the head when the cat is finished.

Step 3

Remove the fishing line from the needle and thread another 6 inches of line onto the needle. Push the needle into the fabric just above the first thread of fishing line. Create as many whiskers as you desire.

Step 4

Turn the stuffed cat's head right-side out again. Trim the whiskers to the desired length.


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