Do-It-Yourself Egyptian Costumes

Things You'll Need

  • Oversized white T-shirt

  • Thick gold belt

Use clothes you already have to help create your Egyptian-look.

With all the elaborate headpieces and elegant jewelry that the ancient Egyptians wore, you may think your only option is a store-bought outfit, if that is the look you are going for. However, if you are on a tight budget -- or just prefer making your own Halloween costume -- all it takes is a little creativity to make a quality homemade Egyptian costume.

Egyptian Woman

Step 1

Purchase man's plus size white T-shirt, large enough to reach your knees. Cut the neckline to make it more spacious, if you prefer.

Step 2

Place a shimmery gold belt around you waist and blouse the top half.

Step 3

Place a shiny gold fabric headband around your forehead. Wrap a sweatband in gold foil, if you don't have a gold headband. You can also place a gold chain small enough to fit your head securely without falling down to your neck.

Step 4

Create a wristband out of paper. Cut a thick strip of card stock about 4-inches wide, and use gold markers or crayons to create elaborate designs. Wrap it around your arm to determine where to cut it, so it fits securely on your wrist. Cut and staple the two ends together.

Step 5

Create a thick Egyptian collar using either gold card stock paper or gold fabric. If you are using paper, draw two half-moon shapes; make them thick in the middle and narrow on either end. Cut the two pieces out and staple them together at your shoulders. If you are using gold fabric, sew the two pieces together.

Step 6

Wear lots of thick heavy gold jewelry around your neck and gold sandals on your feet.

Egyptian Man

Step 1

Wear a long T-shirt to create a tunic like the women's, or wrap a white bed sheet around you waist. Fold up the bottom and pin the excess material to your waist, so that the sheet reaches your knees to create an Egyptian kilt. Go shirtless with the kilt-look.

Step 2

Place your head in the collar of a regular-size white T-shirt, so that it hangs from your head to create the traditional men's headdress look.

Step 3

Attach the same gold wristbands from the women's costume to your own wrists.

Step 4

Wear brown or gold flat sandals.


Both men and women should line their eyes with a heavy layer of black eyeliner, extending the lines out to the corners of the eyes to complete the Egyptian look.

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