How to Hole Punch a Foam Board

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Things You'll Need

  • 2- to 4-inch metal pipe or straight pipe fitting

  • Bench vise

  • Flat file

  • 320 to 400 grit sandpaper

  • Quilt cutting mat

  • Foam core board

  • Hard rubber or rawhide mallet

  • Pencil

A foam board is a piece of 1/8-inc to 1/4-inch piece of foam covered on both sides with a heavy stock paper. The foam core is either white or black and is used to mat pictures, construct story boards and cover homemade books. A craft knife or utility knife works well to cut through the foam board. Punching a hole through the foam board is a little more tricky. A homemade hole punch from a metal pipe or pipe fitting with the correct outer dimension works well for this process.


Step 1

Place and secure a length of metal pipe or straight pipe fitting, 2- to 4-inches long, in a bench vise so the pipe length is standing on a vertical line. The holes of the pipe are on the top and bottom. The pipe must be at least 2-inches long so it is easy to hold when punching the foam board.


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Step 2

Bevel the outside edge of the pipe at an approximate 70 degree angle with a flat file. Reposition the pipe as necessary to bevel the entire circumference.

Step 3

Remove the pipe from the bench vise.


Step 4

Sand the beveled edge to remove all burrs.

Step 5

Place a quilt cutting mat on a solid flat work surface. The quilt cutting mat is used to protect the flat work surface during the hole punching process.


Step 6

Center and place the foam core board on the quilt cutting mat.

Step 7

Position the beveled edge of the pipe on the foam core board in the desired location. Make sure the pipe is at a true 90 degree angle to the foam coare board.


Step 8

Hit the top of the beveled pipe firmly with a hard rubber or rawhide mallet.

Step 9

Remove the beveled pipe. The cut out piece of foam board will stay inside the pipe when removed. Push a pencil through the beveled pipe to remove the punch.


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