Ways to Cut Craft Foam

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Foam crafting isn't just for children--adults can enjoy it too. It makes a wonderful surface for painting and embellishing. Using different tools to cut foam can create interesting projects. Foam is easily cut with different tools for different purposes. Large sheets will offer more innovative options for big projects, but shorter, rectangular sheets work well for cutting smaller projects and can be bought in prepackaged stacks of multiple colors.



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Scissor-cut craft foam.

Don't limit yourself to basic straight scissors, but consider craft paper scissors used for scrapbooking and making cards. These scissors are easy to use and can be bought one at a time or in a bundle at local craft shops. Each scissor makes a different cut, is easy to handle and is lightweight.

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Paper Cutter

Straight-edge cutting.

For straight lines and even strips of craft foam, use a paper cutter. Foam sheets aren't thick and will fit within the parameters of the cutter. Push the edge of the foam against the ridge of the cutter at the top so the foam sheet is even, and then run the blade along the section to be cut. This technique offers a better cut than straight-edge scissors can provide.


X-Acto Knife

Fine detail cutting with X-Acto knife.

For designs that can't be cut with scissors or a paper cutter, use an X-Acto craft knife. The blade has a sharp edge and pointed tip, so it's necessary to use it with care. If you allow your child to use an X-Acto knife, supervise carefully. The X-Acto knife is perfect for tiny and intricate spots where other utility equipment won't work.


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