How to Hook Up a 37A Snowblower to a 110 John Deere

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John Deere manufactures large snow blower attachments, like the 37-A that attach to the front end of the John Deere lawn tractor. The 42-inch 37-A snow blower attachment is a separate piece and has to be hooked up to the tractor's front end before it can be used. It will take around an hour to install the blower's mounting hardware for the first time. After initial installation, it will only take about five minutes to hook and unhook the snow blower from the tractor.


Things You'll Need

  • Pliers

  • Locking Pins

  • Socket Set

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Step 1

Park the tractor on a flat surface, pulling it forward to line up with the back of the snow blower. Leave about a three or four-foot gap so the mounting hardware can be installed on the front of the Deere tractor.

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Step 2

Hold the mounting brackets up on each side of the tractor front. Hand thread the mounting bolts to get them started. Tighten them with the socket set. The brackets and mounting hardware comes with the snow blower.

Step 3

Line up the front lift shaft with the holes in the mounting brackets just installed. Slip the left end of the lift shaft into the left side of the mounting bracket, and then slip the right side of the shaft into place.

Step 4

Slip bearings onto each end of the front lift shaft and then insert locking pins. Pull the pin ends down with pliers to hold them in place.


Step 5

Slide the welded lift arm onto the left hand side of the front lift shaft and install a locking pin with pliers.

Step 6

Hold the lift rod up to the welded lift arm. Place a washer on the lift arm. Slide the cotter pin into the lift rod and through the welded lift rod. Bend the ends of the cotter pin down with pliers to fasten it.


Step 7

Start the tractor, align it with the snow blower and pull right up. Turn the tractor's motor off and lock the parking brake. Pull the lift lever all the way back to raise the front lift shaft to its maximum height to prepare for mounting.

Step 8

Remove the pins on the C-shaped latches on each side of the snow blower using pliers. Open the blower's latches and then slide the blower frame under the tractor's front end.


Step 9

Pull up on the C-shaped latches, and then hook up the rear blower frame to the lift rod and shaft on the tractor. Install cotter pins to hold the assembly in place.

Step 10

Pull back on the pivot belt tightener on the snow blower to release tension on the belt. Pull the belt backwards, up and onto the tractor's drive sheave. Adjust the belt tension to where you want it, and then push the pivot belt tightener forward to lock it into place.



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