How to Make a Homemade Durag

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A durag can reflect your personal sense of style.
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Things You'll Need

  • 100% cotton fabric

  • Ruler or measuring tape

  • 9-inch round bowl or plate

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Straight pins

  • Sewing machine and thread

A durag or skullcap is a fabric cap that ties in the back. Commercial durags can be made from many different fabrics in almost any pattern or style. However, for a unique durag, make your own. If you have basic sewing skills, you can create a homemade durag from 1/2 yard of material in as little as an hour or two. Making your own durag allows you to customize the pattern to your preferred size and style.


Cutting the Pieces

Step 1

Cut one piece of fabric that is 18 inches long by five inches wide.

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Step 2

Cut the short end of this strip of fabric into a point by marking the center of the five-inch side. Mark the edge of the fabric three inches from the end and cut from your center mark to the edge mark so that you have a point that is three inches long. The point goes at the back of your completed durag.


Step 3

Set the bowl on your fabric and trace around it with your pencil to outline a nine-inch circle. Note that if you're making a durag for a child or an unusually small adult, you can adapt by simply choosing a smaller bowl.

Step 4

Cut the circle in half. This makes the two sides of your durag.


Step 5

Cut a piece of fabric that is 36 inches long by 2 ½ inches wide. If your fabric is not long enough, cut a piece on the fold that is 17 ½ inches long by 2 ½ inches wide.

Sewing Your Durag

Step 1

Pin the rounded edge of one half-circle to the long side of the non-pointed end of your arrow-shaped piece. Pin the right, or printed, sides of the fabric together. Do the same with the other half-circle.


Step 2

Sew along the pinned edges using a ¼-inch seam. Leave ½ inch of fabric unsewn at the back of each piece.

Step 3

Fold over the unsewn edge of the half-circle 1/8 inch and then another 1/8 inch and sew to enclose the raw edges.


Step 4

Fold the end of the center piece over in the same way and sew all the way around the pointed end and back up the other side to enclose all of the raw edges.

Step 5

Turn the durag so that it is right-side out.


Step 6

Fold the last long piece of fabric in half lengthwise with the right sides together.

Step 7

Sew along the long edge with a 1/8 inch seam to form a long tube of fabric.

Step 8

Turn the tube so that it is right-side out and press it flat.


Step 9

Center this piece of fabric at the front center of the cap and pin it all the way around to the edges of the circular pieces.

Step 10

Sew around where you pinned using a ¼-inch seam.

Step 11

Trim any loose or hanging threads and remove any remaining pins.


These measurements are for an adult male durag. Make a smaller size for women or children.


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