How to Fix a Cut in Linoleum

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Things You'll Need

  • Ruler

  • Scrap linoleum

  • Utility knife

  • Masking tape

  • Blow dryer

  • Kitchen knife or screwdriver

  • Linoleum adhesive

  • Heavy object

A cut in your linoleum floor is repaired with a patch.

Damage to a linoleum floor often occurs from dragging something heavy, such as furniture or appliances, across the surface. If you have a cut in your linoleum floor, don't despair, you can repair it, although it might not match exactly. If your flooring has a pattern with lines, it will be easier to restore its appearance. But even if your flooring is very plain, you can fix the hole and make the floor look much better. You will need to remove the damaged area and replace it with a patch.


Step 1

Measure the damaged area. If you do not have any leftover linoleum from when the flooring was installed, use a very sharp utility knife to cut a diamond-shaped piece slightly larger than the damaged area from a hidden spot, such as under the refrigerator or behind the stove. Gently pry it away from the floor.

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Step 2

Place the replacement piece on the damaged area, carefully aligning the patterns so your repair will be as inconspicuous as possible.Tape the replacement piece over the damaged area using masking tape.

Step 3

Cut through both layers of linoleum using your utility knife, making the cuts even and following along any curves or lines in the pattern.


Step 4

Untape the linoleum pieces and set the replacement piece aside. Loosen the damaged section by applying heat from a blow dryer to soften the glue.

Step 5

Make a small slit in the center of the damaged piece with your utility knife. While applying heat, work a kitchen knife or screwdriver into the slit, and wiggle it back and forth to loosen the linoleum. It should come free, and you can remove it.


Step 6

Apply linoleum adhesive to the floor in a thin layer. Carefully fit the patch into the spot and press down firmly. Wipe up any adhesive that oozes through the seam immediately. Stand on the patch to ensure a bond.

Step 7

Place a heavy object, such as a toolbox or large book, on top of the repaired section while the glue dries. Once it is dry, remove the weight, and your patch should be nearly invisible.


Never drag anything heavy or sharp across linoleum. Doing so will scratch or tear the surface.


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