How to Make Bubble Wrap Suits

Things You'll Need

  • Bubble wrap

  • Tape

  • Elastic

  • Velcro

  • Scissors

  • Loose fitting pants and suit jacket

Bubble wrap serves many functions, including fabric for a suit.

Bubble wrap clothing can be a big hit at a costume party, a Halloween party or any other event where you want to gain some attention for what you are wearing. You can make a suit from bubble wrap quickly and you don't need experience in making clothes to pull it off. You can use your own clothing as a pattern. Use loose fitting clothing for your pattern. Bubble wrap does not breathe or give like clothing fabric. You will need some more room in a bubble wrap suit than you would in a regular pair of pants and jacket.

The Pants

Step 1

Fold the pants you will be using for your pattern along the crotch or zipper line so you have a silhouette of the pants. Put them on a flat surface. Measure the pants from the top of the waist to the bottom of the leg. Jot down the measurement in inches. Keep the pants folded since you will be using them to create your pattern.

Step 2

Roll out your bubble wrap with the flat side of the wrap down and the bubble side up. Use the measurement from your pants to determine how much bubble wrap you need for the pants. Add at least 2 inches to your measurements so you have some slack. Cut off four equal pieces of bubble wrap using your measurements. Lay the first one on a flat surface.

Step 3

Put your folded pants on top of your first piece of bubble wrap. Cut the bubble wrap with scissors. Trace along the edge of your pants as a guide as you cut.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 three times so you have four equal pieces of bubble wrap to put together to make your pants. Put them on top of each other to make sure you have traced the pants legs evenly. Trim off any loose edges or fringes from the bubble wrap.

Step 5

Place two pieces of the cut bubble wrap next to each other with the flat side up. Tape them together at the seam that forms in the middle of the pants. Place them flat with the inside of the pants up. These are the back of your pants.

Step 6

Put the two other two pants pieces on top of the back piece you just made. These will be the front of your pants. Do not tape the middle as you did in Step 4. You will leave that as your "zipper."

Step 7

Tape together the front and back pieces of your pants. Put the two sides together to form the completed pants. Use 2- or 3-inch pieces of tape to seal the seam along the outside of the pants. Using shorter pieces of tape will allow you to keep the seam even as you seal it. Repeat this on the inseam of the pants.

Step 8

Cut your elastic to fit the measurement of your waist line. Tape the elastic inside the waist of your bubble wrap pants. Test them to see that they will hold up on your waist.

Step 9

Measure the length of what would be the zipper line of the bubble wrap pants. Cut two strips of Velcro in the length of your measurement. Put the Velcro strips on the open flap, one on each side with the "sticky" sides facing each other. Tape the strips to the bubble wrap.

The Jacket

Step 1

Lay your suit jacket on a flat surface with the front down. Place a piece of bubble wrap large enough to cover the suit over it. Trace the shape of the back of your suit with the scissors.

Step 2

Flip your suit jacket over so the front is facing up. Place your bubble wrap over the left side of the front of the jacket. Cut out the shape of the left side, ignoring the lapel. Repeat this for the right side of the jacket.

Step 3

Put your bubble wrap over the left sleeve of the jacket. Cut out the sleeve. Trace along the line of the sleeve, adding about an extra inch for slack since you will want more room in your bubble wrap sleeve. Repeat for the right sleeve. Duplicate both of the sleeve pieces so you have four pieces for the sleeves.

Step 4

Place the back of the suit on a flat surface with the inside of suit facing up. Put the left and right front panels of the suit on top of the back panel. Tape up the side of the suit, leaving sleeve holes.

Step 5

Tape the edges of the sleeves so they form tubes. Tape the tops of the sleeve tubes to the top of the jacket panels. Cut out triangular pieces of bubble wrap to form lapels for your suit. Tape them to the left and right front panel of the suit.


If you are a more experienced sewer, purchase a professional pattern for pants and a suit jacket to use for constructing your bubble wrap suit.


Your suit may need repairs while you are wearing it. Bring extra tape with you for quick fix-ups.