How to Make a Phil and Lil Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 blue jumpers

  • Yellow felt

  • Scissors

  • Fabric glue

  • 2 pink shirts

  • 1 pair light blue shorts

  • 1 pair of pink sneakers

  • 1 pair of blue sneakers

  • 2 pairs of white socks

  • 2 elastic ponytail holders

  • Pink ribbon

Use felt squares to make the duck on Phil's and Lil's jumper.

Phil and Lil, formally named Philip and Lillian Deville, are from the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats. Phil and Lil are 18-month-old fraternal twins. They both have a tuft of reddish-brown hair on the top of their heads. Phil and Lil dress alike, with a few minor differences. The simplicity of their attire makes it possible to throw these costumes together with little effort, or out-of-pocket expense.


Step 1

Find two blue jumpers. Phil's jumper should be shorter than Lil's. If necessary, fold up the bottom hem on Phil's jumper and secure it with fabric glue.

Step 2

Cut two ducks out of the yellow felt. Glue one duck to each jumper on the left-hand side, toward the bottom corner.

Step 3

Wear a pink shirt and put the jumper on over it. Phil should wear a pair of light blue shorts under his jumper.


Step 4

Pair blue sneakers with Phil, and pink sneakers with Lil. Both Phil and Lil can wear plain white socks with their sneakers.

Step 5

Finish both costumes by making a tuft of hair stick up on top of both Phil's and Lil's head. Gather a small clump of hair on the top-center of the head and wrap it tight at the base, with an elastic ponytail holder. Decorate Lil's tuft by tying a piece of pink ribbon in a bow over the elastic ponytail holder.