How to Move a Dresser by Yourself

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Things You'll Need

  • Blanket

  • Furniture dolly

  • Two-wheel dolly

  • Straps

  • Furniture sliders

Move a dresser alone with ease.

If you need to move a dresser to another location in the home, it is not always possible to have someone assist you. In the event you are moving a dresser alone, there are various resources to use so the job is easier to complete and there is a reduced risk of injury to yourself. When you move a dresser, it is important you do so without damaging the furniture itself or the surrounding walls and floors of your home.


Step 1

Remove all of the drawers from the dresser to make it lighter to move. Simplify the move by clearing away anything in the path from the dresser's current location to the designated spot.

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Step 2

Cover the furniture in a large blanket to protect the dresser as you use a furniture dolly to move the item around. Covering the dresser with a blanket will also prevent damage to the walls from any contact as you move the dresser to a different room.


Step 3

Situate the dresser on top the furniture dolly. Make sure the dresser is directly centered on the dolly to avoid it from tipping over. To move up stairs, use a two-wheeled dolly, and secure the dresser with thick straps or a bungee cord to prevent it from falling down the stairs during the move.


Step 4

Slip four furniture sliders, designed to provide ease in moving furniture by yourself, under each corner of the dresser if you are moving it around on the same level of the home. Use the furniture sliders on any surface, including carpet, to move a dresser without damaging the floor.

Step 5

Transport the dresser to another room using the furniture dolly or sliders, or pull the two-wheeled dolly up the stairs.

Step 6

Remove the dresser from the dolly or sliders in the desired area, and then replace the drawers.


Always maneuver furniture using the strength from your leg muscles to prevent injury to your back.


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