How to Make a 3D Noah's Ark Out of Construction Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Markers

  • Tape

  • An outline of Noah's Ark printed on construction paper

Noah's Ark is one of the most-known stories from the Bible.

Making a Noah's Ark out of construction paper can be fun and productive for a child, and you can also teach the story of Noah at the same time. This project can be easy to do, and children of almost any age will be able to make it. Having a construction-paper ark will be fun to play with outside or inside; you can even have small plastic animals ride inside the ark.


Step 1

Print out copies of Noah's Ark outlines using construction paper. Cut the two pieces out from the paper.

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Step 2

Color both of the pieces using markers however you would like them to look. Draw and color Noah's head or animal heads in the windows of the ark. Make sure all of the heads are facing different directions, so when the paper is folded it looks correct.


Step 3

Fold the paper on all of the dotted lines provided. Place glue on all of the tabs of the paper. There should be four total tabs. Bring the front of the boat up, and press the glue parts of the boat up to the sides of the boat firmly. The bow of the boat should be pointed once this step is completed. Place a piece of tape over this point on the boat to ensure that it stays.


Step 4

Fold on the dotted lines on the cabin of the ark. Place glue on the tabs of the cabin, and bring the bottom up around the glue tab. Place glue on the bottom of the panel, and press and hold down firmly. Set the cabin onto the ark.


Always use caution when cutting with scissors, since they can be sharp.


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