How to Make a Feather Boa Skirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Skirt

  • Needle

  • Thread

  • 2 feather boas

  • Additional feather boas (optional)

Make your own feather skirt for a night on the town.

You don't have to be Katy Perry to make a statement like she did when wearing a feather skirt to the MTV Europe Music Awards press conference. Feather skirts make a fun fashion statement. They can be worn by kids or adults and have been seen on several red carpets. With the Alice + Olivia Kae Leopard Print Feather Skirt retailing at $396, crafters have come up with an interesting way to mimic the look. All you need is an old skirt and a few feather boas from a local craft store, and you can make an inexpensive version that will look fabulous for a night on the town!


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Step 1

Sew the end of one feather boa to the waistband of the skirt. Ideally, the skirt should be a little shorter than the final length you want the feather boa skirt to be. Your thread should match the color of the feather boas being used.

Step 2

Let the boa hang, then fold it upward so the loop of the boa reaches the length you want.


Step 3

Sew this section of the boa to your skirt.

Step 4

Repeat this process, creating a zig zag or "s" pattern with the boa. Sew pieces close together so the skirt underneath is not visible. Continue adding additional boas until the skirt is covered.