How to Loom a Slouchy Hat

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Things You'll Need

  • Extra-large round knitting loom

  • Yarn

  • Loom pick

  • Scissors

  • Large sewing needle

Make a loose fitting knit hat to keep you warm.

A knit slouchy hat keeps you warm in the winter and goes well with any casual outfit. Finding a hat that fits right and matches your style can be frustrating. Luckily, it's simple to knit your own slouchy hat. Use an extra large round hat loom and make the stitches loose and extra long to give it a loose fit. Customize your loom-knit slouchy hat with any colors or type of yarn.


Step 1

Tie a slip knot around the side peg on the loom. The side peg holds your string in place so it doesn't unravel. Pull the slip knot tight, leaving a 3-inch tail.

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Step 2

Wrap the yarn around the pegs. Hold the loom with the pegs facing you and the side peg straight up. Start with the peg that is below the side peg and to the left. Work in a counter-clockwise direction around the loom.

Step 3

Wrap the yarn underneath the peg, up the left side, over the top and back down toward the middle of the loom, creating a loop. Move to the second peg and wrap the same way. Work your way around the loom, wrapping each peg, until you reach the beginning.

Step 4

Push all of the loops down to the bottom of the pegs. This makes room for a second row of loops on top of the first row.


Step 5

Wrap the yarn around each peg a second time, working counter-clockwise. When you reach the beginning and each peg has two loops, wrap the yarn around the side peg a few times to hold it in place.

Step 6

Insert the loom pick beneath the bottom loop on the first peg. Pull the bottom loop up and off of the peg. Push the remaining loop to the bottom of the peg. This completes the process of knitting one peg.


Step 7

Knit the rest of the pegs on the loom, working in a counter-clockwise direction. This completes the knitting of a complete row. As you work, the tail tied around your side peg will pull tight. Untie the tail and allow it to move into the middle of the loom with your knitting.

Step 8

Knit 20 rows to make a brim for your hat, if desired. Reach into the middle of the loom and stretch out the knit yarn. Locate the knit line stretching down from each peg. At the end of each line is a loop. This loop is the first loop you made when wrapping your loom.


Step 9

Pull each loop up and back onto the corresponding peg. As you pull each loop up, it folds the knitting in half. Push the yarn tail off your knitting in between this fold, concealing it.


Step 10

Wrap the yarn around each peg, as done before, to create a third loop.


Step 11

Knit the middle loop on the first peg. Knit the bottom loop on the first peg. Push the remaining loop to the bottom. Knit the middle and bottom loops on each peg. This completes the brim.

Step 12

Knit 50 rows around the loom. With the brim, you will have made a total of 70 rows. Estimate the hat's size to ensure it is long enough. If it isn't, continue adding rows until it reaches the desired length.


Step 13

Finish the last row by leaving one loop on each peg. Do not wrap the pegs a second time. Pull the strand of yarn out and cut it off, leaving an 18-inch tail.

Step 14

Thread the yarn tail into a large sewing needle. Insert the needle under the loop on the first peg. Pull the loop off the peg and string it onto the yarn. Push the loop down to the bottom of the yarn. Remove all the loops from the loom, stringing them onto the yarn. Work in a counter-clockwise direction, as you did when you were knitting.


Step 15

Pull the yarn tight, pushing the loops together and closing the top of your hat. Push the needle through the center of the hat.

Step 16

Turn the hat inside out. Pull the needle through the center. Push the needle through a few stitches, creating a loop. Insert the needle through the loop and pull tight, tying a knot. Tie two more knots in different stitches, finishing off your hat. Cut the yarn, leaving a short tail. Weave the tail into the hat.


Add buttons or a pompom to your slouchy hat.


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