How to Keep a Loom Knitted Scarf From Curling

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Things You'll Need

  • Knitting loom

  • Yarn

  • Knitting loom tool

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

Choose a colorful yarn color to make a quick scarf that won't curl.

Instead of knitting with traditional knitting needles, you can use a knitting loom to produce similar knitted stitches. When you want to prevent curling in traditional knitting, you add garter stitches along with the knit stitches. Using the same technique can keep a loom knitted scarf from curling. Varying your knit stitches by adding garter stitches will make a stylish and attractive scarf.


Step 1

Wrap the yarn around 24 pegs of the knitting loom. When you reach the 24th peg, wrap the yarn around the last peg twice and then wrap the yarn around each peg a second time until you come back to the starting peg.

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Step 2

Use the tool to pull the bottom yarn loop over the top loops and off each peg. This is the knitting stitch.


Step 3

Place the wrapping yarn across the front of the nearest peg and hold it there. Insert the knitting loom tool down under the loop on the peg and grasp the wrapping yarn. Pull the wrapping yarn up behind the loop and remove the loop from the peg. Place the pulled-through wrapping yarn on the peg. This completes one purl stitch. Repeat the same process on each peg across the loom.


Step 4

Wrap the wrapping yarn around each peg and perform the knitting stitch across the entire row.

Step 5

Alternate rows between a row of purling and a row of knitting until the scarf becomes as long as you desire. Alternating between purling and knitting creates a "garter" stitch, which will prevent curling.


Step 6

Cut the yarn off to leave a 12-inch tail. Thread the tail through the yarn needle and insert the needle up through the loop on the first peg. Pull the needle through to make the yarn tight and remove the loop from the peg. Continue inserting the needle up through each loop on each peg and removing each loop to bind off the scarf. Tie an overhand knot in the yarn and insert the yarn through several knit stitches to weave in the yarn tail. Cut off the excess yarn to finish.


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