How to Dispose of a Flocked Christmas Tree

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Flocking is a process in which fibrous particles are used to form an opaque coating. The needles and branches of a Christmas tree can be permanently coated in a mixture of rayon lint and glue. The process can be done in a wide variety of colors, though white flocking resembles a tree after a heavy snowfall. Christmas trees are often converted into mulch or wood chips through recycling programs sponsored by waste management companies or local nonprofit organizations. Flocked trees contains non-organic materials and must be thrown away, though some waste management companies can accept whole trees for disposal.


Flocking coats a tree in nonorganic material, rendering it unrecyclable.

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Things You'll Need

  • Tarp

  • Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags

  • Axe

Step 1

Remove all decorations and Christmas lights from the flocked tree. Repack for later use. Take the tree outside and carefully remove it from the stand.

Step 2

Place the tree on a tarp in a large, open area, away from children. With the axe, cut the tree into square sections, each measuring approximately 12 inches in diameter.


Step 3

Pack the pieces of flocked tree into the garbage bags. It is important to avoid overstuffing the bags. Double the garbage bags for extra strength. Place the bags in the garbage can or dumpster.


Check with local waste management services to see if they have the ability to accept and dispose of a whole flocked tree before cutting up and throwing it away.